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Refurbishment Services

At Swinton we’ve invested heavily in our business, including a large capacity, 8500mm deep Hard Chrome Plating facility. Our facilities can easily return engineered components which are subject to wear and/or corrosive conditions within both the oil & gas and engineering industries to production use. We achieve this at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

We can deliver any size of project you need

Our extensive expertise and high quality plant mean that we have the capacity to deliver to any requirements. Whether you have a large amount of pieces in need of refurbishment or a very specific piece of restoration work, we can help. Check out our case study below for an example of work we undertake.

Food Mixer parts for refurbishment
Ready for action once again!

Case Study: Mud Motor Rotor refurbishment

One of our specialities here at Swinton is our refurbishing service for Mud Motor Rotors, as well as associated downhole oilfield equipment repair.

The process takes the used ‘unusable rotor’ and transforms it into a ‘like new’ component for a fraction of the full replacement cost.

On receipt of the used rotor we inspect and remove the damaged chrome deposit, carry out the necessary remedial work, re-polish the base rotor and re-plate it with a micro crack chrome finish to a hardness of Rockwell C 65-70, either to its original dimensions or the customer specific requirement. Finally, we finish to a high polish surface.

Our capacity ranges from the smallest ‘tight radius’ equipment up to the largest of the ‘performance’ Mud Motor Rotors available.

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Over the years we’ve helped countless businesses to save money by refurbishing their used components. Contact us today by calling 0161 794 8426 or fill in our online contact form to find out how we can help you.

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