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Electroless Nickel

Our plant consists of dual plating stations which have been developed specifically for the deposition of high quality, high corrosion resistant electroless nickel coatings.

Our high quality plant enables us to deliver a huge range of projects, both in size and complexity. We have the capacity and the expertise to deliver quality finished product to any level of requirement.

Our facilities utilise a high phosphorus electroless nickel with outstanding corrosion and wear resistance. It is completely uniform and can be controlled to close tolerances, making it ideal for plating complex items such as those with deep recesses or intricate shapes used extensively in the Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Textiles, Electronics and Tool and Dies Industries.

Advantages include

High hardness heat treatable to 1000 VHN. Excellent wear resistance, free from porosity, lamination, cracking, and other defects. Completely uniform deposit, reproduces finishes of substrate. Hard coatings for light metals. Easily solderable. Replaces exotic and more expensive materials. Natural lubricity, providing excellent release and anti-galling properties. Self polishing surface for moulding operations. Eliminates after plating grinding, and minimizes handling. Selective plating salvages worn or mismachined parts. Improves equipment operability and reliability. Reduces investment and operating costs by extending life in service and helps reduce impacts to the environment by saving on the manufacture of replacement components.

Electroless Nickel Plating can also form part of a ‘combined’ solution, when high wear conditions are an additional problem to corrosion, by applying Hard Chrome onto the Electroless Nickel surface. This can then be finished to the desired condition by Grinding or Polishing.

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