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Cylindrical Grinding

A wide range of cylindrical grinding services, all under one roof

These Cylindrical Grinders also offer the facilities available to new customers who may not have a need for plating services, but are in need of a high quality machining source. When you work alongside us we always provide an exceptional level of service, whether you’re a returning customer requiring ongoing plating services, or whether you’re a new customer who requires a reliable, cost-effective and experienced machining source, based right here in the UK.

Our on-going investment in state of the art on-site machining enables us to provide faster processing times and higher quality solutions, because we have removed the need to transport to sub-contractors.

We can handle any size of project you may have

Our extensive in house expertise and investment in plant means we can deliver any project. Whether it’s a limited batch of complicated equipment or a large bulk order, we can tackle it and deliver a quality product.

Capacities Available:

800mm diameter

5000mm long with Taper Grinding

Up to 5 Tonnes

200mm diameter

1800mm long

Up to 500 Kg

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