Two-time Award Winners

The Surface Engineering Association (SEA) is recognised, throughout the world, for its status within the UK Manufacturing supply chain and the recognition it receives when meeting with Regulatory Bodies and major Industry Leaders.

Swinton Electro Plating are proud to be counted as a member of the SEA!

Industry Awards

To improve the recognition the Association and its members receive not only does the SEA remain at the forefront of regulatory talks, but also hosts a biennial awards event where those companies they deem “outstanding” in the industry are recognised. (Don’t worry, this is where we start talking about ourselves!)

Since the  change of ownership, in 2013, all of our employees have been working tirelessly to improve our customer base and quality. It is safe to say that there has been significant improvement in both, so much so that we have been recognised by the industry for our achievements.

The Entries

When entering, we never actually expected to get nominated for one, never mind two awards. It is because of this, we are happy to share the following information from our entries (!):

  •  Our marketing campaigns,  have resulted in sales revenue from  new customers increasing turnover by 8.3% from the period 2015/2016
  • The number of parts rejected either by us, or our customers, has reduced by 36% leading to getting customers work right first time 97% of the time – nobody’s perfect!
  • As mentioned in our 2018 customer survey report, 100% of customers surveyed said that they would recommend us to others!
  • The report also confirms that our customers believe that we have improved by 13% across the five satisfaction measures:
    • Communication
    • Technical Support
    • Quality of our Services
    • Value, and
    • Customer Care

Two Time Award Winners

These aspects clearly impressed the judges, as we can happily say that we are Finalists in Quality and Two-time winners of Marketing. This recognition is due to the hard work and dedication of our Marketing and Quality departments, and our employees alike.

Without the hard work and determination from each and every one of our employees, we wouldn’t be where we are today; to satisfy current and potential customers alike.

….and, we want to thank you, dear customer, because it is your continued support and business that allows us to continue working towards the next milestone event in 2020!!

Thanks to all.




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