It’s not just chrome plating…

Surface Engineering comes in all shapes and sizes; and some of our customers only realise a small fraction of this when sending work in for Hard Chrome and Electroless Nickel Plating.

99.9% of Goods either have, are made with machines or transported on vehicles that have, some form of surface engineering to improve functionality, quality and lifetime of its components.

The Surface Engineering Association (SEA) recently published a blog asking us to:

“Imagine a world without cars, aeroplanes, trains, computers, mobile phones, medical implants, buildings, electronics, in fact virtually no manufactured products – that’s a world without surface engineering”.

To see our input to these amazing applications click here and view “SEP – planes, trains and automobiles”.

A simple commute to work can put you in contact with potentially hundreds (possibly 1000’s) of items which have had surface treatments – the SEA shows us some examples.


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