Aerospace & Defence – Case Study

We have used one coatings supplier for a number of years but, following a retirement, that supplier as unable to reliably deliver finished parts, and we were facing significant penalty charges from our customer because of delays.

Following a brief “search” we contacted Swinton Electro Plating Ltd to see if they could help. After our first contact, late on a Friday, Godfrey Evans, visited the next day.

His response to our question, “can you help?” was, YES.

When we also explained the potential of penalty charges if we did not deliver on time, Godfrey simply said “We will get you back on track”. Not only did they do that within 7 weeks, which was a feat in itself given that we were already 3 months behind schedule; but the quality of the product is also much better than our previous supply.

Now, instead of hoping that we “may” see our parts at some point in the future, we fully expect completed parts from Swinton Electro Plating within three weeks – and we get them!

This allows us to be confident when committing lead-times to our customer and it also allows the factory to work efficiently and effectively.

Ultimately this has resulted in additional orders for us – and Swinton Electro Plating.

As the saying goes – “you get what you pay for”.

For anybody looking for a high quality, reliable, Surface Engineering company, I would highly recommend you talk to Godfrey at Swinton Electro Plating.

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