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Who we are and what we do

Our Journey

How we started

The business was established over 50 years ago working from three wooden sheds repairing musical instruments. Following the need of clients we soon changed, to provide a coating and metal treatment service to the diverse engineering demands of the Manchester area.

The operation relocated to its current address in 1970, and over a short period expanded in to the neighbouring building and extended the workspace by building between them.

Taking Shape

With the burgeoning growth of electronic equipment the company occupied the forefront of treatments by plating the plastic cases of computers, mobile telephones and military instruments. At its high point, full shipping containers of computer cases were despatched daily.

As the oil and gas industry developed and operating conditions became more demanding, Swinton responded by providing a chrome coating service to drilling contractors as well as the equipment manufacturers. This service, and Swinton’s expertise, grew from a total of twelve pieces in the first year to a peak of over 60 pieces per week. During this period of growth we installed the deepest chrome tank in the UK – at nine metres.

The diversity of engineering requirements has never been ignored and Swinton have continued to supply our high standard of service to hydraulics, steel making, paper, military industries and more. In fact, Swinton’s chrome helps a beef burger cooker last longer and clean easier.

Who we are today

Our methods and techniques, although steeped in traditional operation, continue to be developed and adapted to create the solution to our clients problems. All of this supported by the ethos that we will suggest a different treatment and supplier rather than provide a partial solution to the clients problem. All of this has lead to a client base that extends from the Arctic to the Antarctic and Atlantic to the Pacific oceans – and most parts in between.

The one thing that we never forget is that every client is important and whether international or local, will receive the same level of response and service.

Reasons our customers choose Swinton Electro Plating

1) They can be confident in our quality as we will process samples before they commit to large quantities

2) They receive fixed price quotes for their requirements so they always know what they will pay

3) They benefit from trained staff with diverse and extensive expertise

4) The one stop solution as we provide in house facilities for grinding, polishing, heat treatment and grit blasting for hard chrome and electroless nickel plating

5) You will receive bespoke solutions to your problems

6) Your used equipment will be repaired with significant cost savings against remanufactures

7) Our coatings improve your environmental impact by extending operating lifecycle due to wear and corrosion resistance

Comments from our customers

"Quick turn around, and really impressed with the way the tools were packaged, a lot better than other companies."

Rubber Mould Tooling

"You really pulled me out of a hole, and now I know who I can rely on!"

General Engineering

"Excellent communication and knowledge."

General Engineering

"Magnificent efforts, delivered tools in record time!"

Rubber Mould Tooling

"Capability for repair of base materials when needed and easy transport capabilities."

Oil and Gas Drilling Operations

"We are really happy with the results of the plated gears and components. You were 100% right regarding the Electroless Nickel plating as opposed to the hard chrome at a fraction of the cost."

Railway Systems

"Your understanding of our product and competitive prices."

Precision Tooling

"Competitive prices and good quality chroming."

Tool and Die

"We needed to react and respond quickly to a customer requirement and all the people at Swinton who were involved more than matched the challenge that was presented."

Oil and Gas OEM

"High quality processes with good technical back up, long standing historical involvement and good people to work with at all levels"


"Long established trade partners, quality of the end product and Swinton Electro Plating’s knowledge of our product."

Power Generation

"Capability to process large items and multiple processes."

Paper Converting Equipment

"Other nearer contractors did not meet the quality standards, good reputation and your commitment."

Oil and Gas OEM and Repairs

Our Commitment to Care

Our quality procedures from first contact are controlled and audited to international standards ISO 9001:2015.

Our processes are carried out to international, defence or customer specific standards.

Throughout our work together your satisfaction is our most important target.

You will have a dedicated account manager who will keep you informed.

Honesty – if we cannot help you we will try to give you an alternative.

If there is a fault in the coating we provide, we will fix it – no questions asked.

What to expect when we start working with you - from enquiry to “Let’s Go”

Your initial enquiry will be responded to within 24 hours

We will check and confirm that we understand your product and needs

We will advise if your enquiry needs additional processes in order to complete it and we will send a formal quotation detailing all processes included

We will facilitate transport or import activities

We will check that your purchase order detail is correct and we will plan your goods in to our schedule

We will advise if any unforeseen delays occur

On completion we will deliver or facilitate your collection

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